VSD WH and Show Saddles

VSD WH and Show Saddles

VSD is slightly more forward cut than the Dressage Saddle. This allows for more versatility, especially if you don't feel comforatable riding uber long. WH is a traditional saddle with a shorter flap and often a flatter seat. Show Saddles are straight cut and often have a more open seat. Our saddle makers have access to a huge variety of trees and panels so we can work on the ideal solution for your needs. From tree shape and panel shape to seat preferences and knee roll.

Secondhand Saddles

Every so often we have demo saddles that are no longer needed that we can offer at great prices. We are constantly ‘tweaking’ our demo pool to ensure we have something for everyone. These demo saddles come with a 7 day trial period to see if it is a match for you and your horse. We prefer that you send through a template and photos to see whether the saddle is a possible fit candidate. Please note: Not all our demo saddles are listed on the website. Please feel free to call us if there is something you are after.

We also take selected saddles on consignment. These are saddles that fit our saddle fitting guidelines are a great way to source something without having to go new.. Consignment Saddles must be paid in full prior to shipping to you. If you have a saddle to sell - check out our "Saddle to Sell" page

Saddles on Trial

Send us through an enquiry if you would like to try this saddle if it returns to us.