Thornhill Vienna II Pony Dressage Saddle

 Finally a economical pony dressage saddle that is on a dressage saddle tree.

JORGE CANAVES® saddles have been distributed by Thornhill since 1983. Canaves copies “great” European saddles in his plants since his retirement from Olympic competition in 1964. Canaves is one of two quality saddle makers in Argentina. He builds primarily for the European market.

Thornhill’s longest selling dressage model by German Master Saddler Jorge Canaves. Now in youth sizes.

Vienna II’s tried and true design helps achieve a classical, balanced dressage position. Features deeper seat, stitched knee pads and large concealed thigh roll. Point and V billet for balanced girthing. Spring tree and wool stuffed shaped panels. Available in black lightly grained leather.

Gullet Sizes: 32 and 34

Seat Sizes 15″, 16″


15″ has a 13″ flap length
16″ has a 15″ flap length


This saddle has proven popular in USA with those that love the older Passiers.