Duett Rondo Black
Duett Rondo Black

rondo2stitching Rondo3webThe Duett Rondo are designed with a wider than usual pommel arch in the wider trees … not JUST wider bars. In this way, the panels are spread further apart and will better fit your broad-backed horse. This will make the saddle more comfortable for your horse as well as more stable on his back.

As with all Duetts, the seat is superbly comfortable. The Rondo allows you to forget about the saddle underneath you … it has no hard edges, no uncomfortable pommel, and it has a wide platform to sit on! The minute you get into it, you’ll feel right at home. For kids and ponies, the 16″ saddle with a 34 or 36 cm tree is usually fine; if you want a 15″ seat, contact us.

* Smooth leather on flap for grip and security, which is flexible and breaks in easily
* Smooth, soft, brown knee pads
* Deep, immensely comfy seat and moderately large knee blocks for security
* Wool flocking for adjustability
* Crupper attachment on the wider trees