Duett Saddles

We continue to work with Nancy from Duett Saddles in America to ensure correct fit and advice with saddle selection. We also offer support and service to those who have already bought a Duett Saddle.

Saddle Prices
Due to the constantly changing AU/US$ we can’t keep up with the price changes on the website. Please contact us for a price. Our prices keep in line with US RRP price + freight + Customs/Duties/GST. Once the saddle is ordered you know what you are paying – no hidden costs or foreign currency fees on your credit card.

Welcome to Duett Deutsche Sattlerei
Saddles specially designed for wide horses.
Duett saddles are reasonably priced, well designed and crafted, and they are guaranteed to be the most comfortable saddles you have ever ridden in!
Our saddles are made with top quality craftsmanship and details, excellent leather (smooth bridle or grained), and first rate design for a major German-owned company in Argentina which has been in business for over thirty years. Our saddle maker manufactures saddles for a number of well established labels in Europe ~ Duett is a proprietary name, and the Duett models are ONLY available from Duett agents.

The wider trees on these saddles are uniquely designed to fit wide horses like no other saddle made – but, we offer them for medium width horses, also!

Also available many saddles in 19″ and 20″ seats!

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