Where the heck are you?

“You are the hardest person to get in touch with….”

I plead guilty to this at times – for the reasons outlined below.  I now have a reminder system to try and stem the comments above.  If you fill out the Saddle Enquiry Form (bottom of Saddle Enquiry Form page) I get persistent reminders to follow up or get back to someone.


I try to answer almost all of the email within hours of receiving it, but there are days when I’m really really busy, where I’ll see your email on my phone, make a mental note to reply to it later – because I stuck in the middle of something (kids/horses/other customers) – and then completely forget about it. I’m afraid I’m only human… (doesn’t help that the phone marks the email as read and sometimes *helpfully* ‘files’ it)
If you think I have been forgetting about your mail and haven’t heard within 24 hours please feel free to send me a reminder… 😉