Dressage Saddles

Dressage Saddles

We are pleased to have such a wide range of dressage saddles available to us.  We believe we have a solution for just about everyone, in all budgets.

Our saddle makers have access to a huge variety of trees and panels so we can work on the ideal solution for your needs.
From tree shape and panel shape to seat preferences and knee roll.

Lovatt and Ricketts

LandR Saddles make the Berkeley and the Ellipse Dressage Saddle.  We hardly ever get ‘off the rack’ from them but have innovated for get the best fit.  Their leather is scrumptious and comes out of the box ready to ride.

Frank Baines

“Fit for the Future” is Frank Baines motto.  Yes – we agree.  These are bigger saddles and look great on a warmblood super-mover warrior.  Less suited to the Cob – But we are working to change that……..

[More to come]