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24/7 Online Booking Available Now!

Want to book a saddlefit?

You can now do it online!  We now have forms for the different areas that we service, also for Distance Saddlefitting.

We have different days for different areas each week (making it easier to collect or drop off demo saddles if necessary).  We also can do other days by special request.

Albury/Yackandandah/Wangaratta surrounding areas and in between is Tuesday
North of Melbourne (incl Benalla) surrounding areas and in between is Wednesday.
Cobram/Shepparton/Echuca surrounding areas and in between is Friday.

Fill out the booking form – it automatically calculates the amount (different according to distance travelled, and whether it is a follow up visit or more than one horse). You select the time that suits you and click to Book! Super easy!
We will send a confirmation email at booking and also within 24hours.

Not close to our saddle fitting areas? No Worries – you can book a saddle fit phone consultation (half hour) to go through your requirements and we can arrange to send out a saddle or two to try or give suggestions on what might work.  We have both morning and evening time slots. Distance – Click Here


Booking Form – Phone Chat or Distance Fit

Lets set up an initial Phone Call so we can discuss options for you.

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    We will confirm your appointment with you by phone or e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your request. After clicking the link scroll up for the confirmation message or wait for email. Thanks!


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