Lovatt & Ricketts Berkeley Open Seat Dressage Saddle

Berkeley Open Seat Dressage Saddle
Berkeley Open Seat Dressage Saddle

The Berkeley Open Seat Dressage Saddle gives the rider more room in the seat than the regular deep seat model, this will give the feel and fit of a saddle half an inch larger without moving up to the next seat size. This model proves useful when fitting a horse with a shorter back or for the rider who prefers the classic shallower seat.

This Open Seat is available in both the Exterior or Concealed knee roll versions; all of the specifications of the deep seat models are the same.

The Berkeley open seat dressage saddle incorporates all of the refinements expected in a state of the art dressage saddle. Our hand made wood and spring steel saddle tree has a unique shaped pommel and swept-back points give wither clearance and complete freedom of shoulder movement and a newly sculptured waist to allow the hips and thighs to fall naturally for a more comfortable leg position.

We have incorporated our Lovatt & Ricketts® stainless steel swing stirrup bar that eliminates any pressure on the horse that is a common problem in this area were the stirrup leathers are attached. The stirrup bars are made of the highest quality stainless steel and crafted to be unobtrusive to the rider’s thigh. Our panels are lined with French Calf skin and flocked with pure 100% English lambs wool to give a soft and supple profile that is the ultimate in comfort for your horse. With our unique quick change billeting system  the rider has the flexibility to move the front billet to two positions, coupled with the rear billet being attached to a balancing ring; helps to achieve the perfect girth line.

The Berkeley is crafted in the finest hand finished English and French leathers to facilitate a “no breaking in” period, giving a wonderful close-contact feel even on the first ride.

Berkeley Open Seat Dressage Saddle side on
Berkeley Open Seat Dressage Saddle side on
Other Berkeley™ features
  • Repositionable Velcro knee blocks
  • Choice of three knee block styles
  • Choice of flaps lengths
  • Deep Seat or Open Seat tree
  • Semi custom options quotable upon request

Colours: Black or Havana Brown
Seat Sizes: 16.½”, 17”, 17.½”, 18”, 18.½” and 19”
Tree Widths: Medium, Medium Wide, Wide and Extra Wide
Leather Options: 
Flaps in either X-Grip Water Buffalo or Plain Smooth Bull hide.
Seat and knee rolls come standard with Pittards Tac 2 – a plain leather which has a tacky dressing.
Water Buffalo Nubuck seat and knee pads (extra $60)
French Calf seat and knee pads (extra $60).