Adjustable Trees

Many of you have heard me waffle on about the evils of adjustable trees so will be surprised to see that I’m now stocking them.

The truth is I still firmly believe that a saddle can not go from Narrow to X-Wide without compromising fit and horse comfort.  The panel shape on a narrow saddle is not likely to do anything good on an X-Wide fit.

So – why are adjustable saddles on my price list?
The simple answer is that these saddles are made to adjust a total of 3 sizes.  The panel is set up for this. The saddle panel is designed to accommodate from MW to XW. The saddle is constructed around this limited sizing.
Most spring wooden trees can be adjusted one size either way before the tree starts being compromised. We don’t recommend any further adjustment beyond this (and have sadly seen some top brand saddles that have been compromised by being stretched too much).