17.5″ XW+ Lovatt & Ricketts Berkeley Dressage Saddle

Colour: Black
Size: 17.5″
Gullet: approx #5
Price: $1200

Options: Calfskin seat and knee rolls
NEW RRP around $3000 new
Usage: This saddle has been in the demo pool but hasn’t had a heap of usage, shows normal signs of wear and tear.
It’s replacement has arrived so it has to go.
Width: Made to template, this is one of the wider Berkeley saddles I’ve had made by Lovatt & Ricketts. It is too wide for my horse that outgrew an XW Bates Gullet years ago.  It is made for a horse with a wither.  This tree is more open at the stirrup bars so less issue with pressure there.

Features: Berkeley has a cut back head for wither clearance. Also featuring swept back tree points to allow for freedom of shoulder movement. Hinged stirrup bar. Also features changeable girth point to moved front girth strap to either be a tree point girth strap or under the stirrup bar.